“One of the things I learnt the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” – Lucille Ball


Hello Beautiful ppl ^_^/

First of all, a very Happy 50th post to me!* drumrolls* *happy dance* ^_^The idea for this blog came about last year, when I had to quit my job, pack my bags and move halfway across the world with my husband. We had just gotten married and starting a new life, in a new country was a challenge that I was willing to take. But I was 24…

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A massive melting problem in Antarctica!

Fabius Maximus website

Summary:  Today we have yet another example of climate science reported like game of telephone, with the last and least accurate version being the most sensational and getting the most attention. It need not be like this. Finding accurate reporting of the source material takes only a little work and rewards us with more reliable information. It will get better only if we stop rewarding those that mislead us.  {2nd of 2 posts today.}

Truth in science Graphic designed by IdeaTree Company.

(1)  Start with the science

Here is an new study on an important frontier of climate science, one consistent with and expanding on previous research: “Accelerated West Antarctic ice mass loss continues to outpace East Antarctic gains“, Christopher Harig and Frederik J. Simons, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 1 April 2015 — From the abstract…

We determine the geographic pattern of ice mass change in Antarctica between…

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Apple, Facebook, and Google are the greenest tech giants — but they still need to do a lot more

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How to make free in app purchases on play store….

Hii…. friends today i am here to tell you about how can you make free in app purchase in play store on non- rooted android.

You also hear about FREEDOM app which is popular among root users.Freedom is an app which make free in app purchases. It has free built in card which makes it able to make free purchases in play store. But it cannot be installed on non-rooted devices.

Don’t worry i am here to tell you about free in app-purchases.
CREE HACK is an app which is similar to freedom app but non-root users also installs this app.


This app work same like freedom. To this app should must download it. To download CREE-HACK click on the link given below :–

Download  cree hack:— Direct from gurjitsite.wordpress.com

After you download CREE-HACK follow these steps:—

1.  If the downloaded file is compressed use ZArchiver to decompress  it.(Forgot this step if file is already a package installer)

2.  Intall cree-hack.

3.  Open it then you see there is a switch(ON/OFF) turn switch to ON and then minimize the app.

4.   Now open any app and make purchases. It will show you an window. Just tap on Ok ( left side option) .

5.   Now the app connect to play store and makes app purchase for free .

   And you done:)
(Note if any above mentioned link dosen’t work please tell us or write your any problem in comment.)

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Help me get more points!

Help me get more points for my Amazon gift card! Download this app http://bit.ly/androidnana on your Android and input my invitation code j7684690

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How to earn free money on internet

Hi…freinds today iam here to tell you about how to earn free money on internet.

Now without taking time let’s come to topic. Here are 3 working methods:-

1.  Website


Making website is another great way to make money.You can make money from website builders like Godaddy and Bigrock.


You can make your own website and sell ads to get profit direct from the ad selling companies. You can  sell ads from Buysell ads from
http://buysellads.com and make money directly.

2.  Feature Points


Feature points is an app which give you free money by downloading and installing apps. You have to earn points by downloading the apps and use them at least one(1) minute. When you earn enough points go to rewards and collect your reward. Be carefull when you select any offer it can’t be refundable.


If you want to download the
Feature Points first go to
This link:– http://featu.re
Then select your operating system
(Android or IOS). When you downloaded the app follow these instructions:-
1. Open the app this app ask to you in which method you want to sign up
(google+ or facebook) choose one of them.
2. Then this app ask you to enter your freind’s reffered code.
Use this code:-75PE4D


Now you done.
When you completed the sign up procedure. Download the apps and earn the points and claim your rewards.

3.  Swagbucks.


Swag bucks is also same like feature points you have to download the apps and earn sb .you can also earn sb by searching on Swagbucks toolbar and waching videos.Swagbucks also available for pc users.


Please note:- Swagbucks pay rewards only via PayPal.

To download Swagbucks goto these link:—-direct download from gurjitsite.wordpress.com                   ( Do not worry it is 100% virus free)

IF any listed link is not working please tell we replace the link.

At last i want to say GOOD BYE.

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The Irrefutable Best Books of 2014, As Determined by Science*


IMG_0092It’s been a trying year here at Sorry Television. Sidetracked by work—and, let’s be honest, an endless procession of binge-worthy Netflix inventory—I am set to close out 2014 with a mere 32 books under my belt, near enough to bi-weekly that I should probably rebrand as You’re Welcome Television (subtitle: Reading Books Every So Often, Like When the Power Goes Out). I’m already planning redemptive 2015 reading goals (a book a day? a book an hour?) but for the time being I’ll have to accept mediocrity, and foist as much blame as possible on a shorter commute’s ability to stymie even the most dedicated bibliophile.

But I can claim a smidge of productivity this month, which is why I’m Indiana-Jonesing under the content door that is Christmas week to bring you The Irrefutable Best Books of 2014, a master list of this year’s greatest hits, as determined by 21 other “best of”s written by people who have actually read them…

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“Nope” intensifies, diversifies grammatically

Sentence first

Remember the transformation of fail and win 5–6 years ago? Fleeting online slang phrases like bucket of fail and made of win may sound dated now, but terms like epic fail/win and FTW (“for the win”) and the words’ use as tags and hashtags remain popular. Fail and win have firmly, if informally, extended their grammatical domains, having been converted from verb to noun, interjection, and other categories.

A word undergoing comparable change is nope. Its metamorphosis over the last few years has in some ways been more impressive, but it seems less remarked on than fail and win – maybe because of its more limited distribution. For instance, this cartoon on Imgur (pronunciation note here), which shows Spider-Man shooting spiders from his hands, drew comments that use nope as a verb, adjective, and noun – mass and count – as well as duplicating, lengthening, and…

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Taking Death Valley

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Originally posted on Bespoke Traveler:
Around me lay an ocean of sand dunes, broken now and then by scrub brush and solitary petrified branches, which I was using as trail markers. I stared behind me trying to locate the previous…

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Iphone 6 vs iphone 6plus compare of screen.

Hi.. freinds today I am going to talking about Apple’s  new IPHONE series THE IPHONE 6 series.

Without taking time let’s come to main thing. The Every thing about iphone 6 and 6plus is given below:-


This image is taken from http://mobile9.com

Iphone 6 has small screen as compared to Iphone 6 plus. The small screen of iphone6 takes the advantage of covering whole screen with only one finger.Against Iphone 6 plus it is little bit of difficulty while operating it only with single hand.
And here is answer:- IPHONE 6 WINS …

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